ALM bands & Rex

subk3May 7, 2013

Here are my new bands of Annie Laurie McDowell and my current garden buddy Rex.

Rex was the lone survivor of a raccoon invasion and slaughter that offed all her sister chickens--note to self: "chicken wire" is not meant for chickens. Since she is lonely she's been hanging with me the last few days in the garden. Rex approves of ALM!


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Your bands look very healthy and Rex is such a cutie! :)

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Poor little Rex. Yeah, chicken wire is useless cr*p that allows birds to be horribly torn up alive by predators reaching through it. 1/2" hardware cloth is the way to go, & I use it on BOTH sides of the wood, at that. Never lost a pet (& yeah, my birds are pets) in 25+ years.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Awww Rex is so cute. Hens are very social (so is our roo)

Chicken wire is great....for keeping chickens in.

My chicken tips:

1/2" hardware cloth anchored every few inches with screws and "washers" (beer caps work well for this)

A wire apron on the outside of the coop/run

And backyardchickens dot com

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Poor Rex! I'm so sorry the raccoon got his siblings. You just want to hug him, don't you? Congratulations on your ALmD. I hope you enjoy her! Kim

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