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raya7694June 24, 2013

I just took out a rose bush from the middle of our landscaping as the rose bushes are way too big. The roses are peach colored and we have a japanese maple and some bushes behind the roses. What would you plant in the middle of the two rose bushes? I could also put the same plant in from of the brick post to even it out. I live in IL and this is a full sun area.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

at the proper transplant time.. not july/august..

i would move that JMaple out from where it is hiding...

it would make a real statement out there.. as compared to where it is now.. under the eaves.. and trapped in a cement corner.

besides the fact.. that it will be free ..


ps: and while i was making a plan.. i would at least double the size of the bed.. leave at least 3 feet at the house for maintenance.. and move everything out to proper planting distance from the house.. never forget.. foundation plants are to hide the foundation.. NOT ON THE FOUNDATION... this all looks like a common builders idea of greenery to sell the house ... yeah i know.. way more info than you wanted.. but i would still use that JM ...

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At this point I have to work with the bed I have. It has a brick edge that I am not going to mess with.

Any suggestions on how to help what I have?

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molie(z6 CT)

Raya, I love how the colors and textures in that view of your landscaping compliment your house colors. But honestly, I don't think you need to add more to what's there. Instead you need to remove things. My initial reaction was that it's much too crowded. The bed itself should be longer and deeper with more generous space between each plant so that each can grow into its own form--- not into each other. Truthfully, most of these plants will overtake that area before too long.

Ken is correct. Foundation shrubs should be grown several feet away from the house so that you can get behind the shrubs to maintain them and the house--- plus to discourage insects. I know you said you don't want to mess with the brick edge and, definitely, moving plants may seem like a big job. But it's better to do this now while the plants are relatively small rather than later when they're full grown. At least at this size they'll have time to mature and grow properly in an optimal environment.

Do you know the names of these plants... the roses, the evergreens, and other shrubs? Sometimes builders leave the identification tags on the plants; these will give you important information --- like future growth. I ask because that Japanese maple in the corner (a Crimson Queen?) must be taken out. I have one that's 7 years old and already 4 feet tall by 7 feet wide. If you leave the maple there, in time it will drape over everything around it --- including the porch----and block the window. Those two smaller evergreens in the back should also be moved.

Could you post a longer view of the front, one that shows both sides of the front as well as the doorway? I really think this is more of a "re-landscaping" of what you have rather than adding more plants to this area. Things should be spaced out in a way that accentuates your home rather than crowds it, but it's hard to make suggestions without seeing the whole picture. You could also post this on the Landscape Design forum.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i dont see the brick edge.. but i respect the lack of interest of messing with it...

but did you miss what i said about moving the JMaple out??? .. or did you rule that out also...???

its perfect for that spot.. color.. size.. shape.. etc ...


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

I agree, nothing more is needed. A large pot or urn in front of the post with something tall, or shepherd hook with pretty, bulky hanging basket could add interest at a higher level, break-up the shelf-type appearance of everything being the same height without crowding at ground level.

The beautiful JM deserves a better spot, to be the focus in a focal point.

Right around the corner, near where the hose is laying, might be a good place for a tall, columnar evergreen entity, to block the view (and winds) of your front yard from that parking lot, and the reverse - while softening the appearance from the curb - I think.

But you live IN the house, not at the curb. What is available to view from the large, lovely window? Looks like the yard is spacious enough to create focal points far enough away from the house to be seen from inside, that do not block the view out of the window(s.)

Making any decisions from this angle alone would likely be regrettable. Such a beautiful house, less is more, don't hide it, unless you're doing it from much farther away from the house, to include the yard in the privacy, not just the house.

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