Best orange-color rose for coastal San Diego climate

paola_bMay 12, 2014

Would appreciate your coastal CA folks recommendations. I intend to plant it between Hot Cocoa and Strike it Rich. Has to be very mildew- and rust- resistant... and not overly tall.
So far I am looking into -
Easy Does It; Livin' Easy; Hot Romance and Tuscan Sun.
Thank you much.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I've grown 'Livin' Easy', I still grow Easy Does It and Tuscan Sun.

Best disease resistance on Tuscan Sun, Livin Easy nearly as good. Easy Does it gets some rust--not bad, but the other two have been nearly impervious. Easy Does It has one huge advantage over the other two--it blooms like mad. Like crazy. Never ever quits. It's hard to prune it because it's always blooming. The other two are great repeaters but EDI is even better--it can outdo 'Iceberg'.

I got rid of LE because it wanted to be 12' tall in my garden. I'd cut it back and it would grow 6' before blooming again. Just wanted to be huge, and I didn't want a 12' floribunda.

I would say if Rust resistance is the primary consideration, then Tuscan Sun. If you can tolerate some Rust then EDI.

I never got PM on any of them, but I'm a bit inland (Sunset 23, not 24).

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Thank you so much, Hoovb. I am truly grateful.
Does your EDI fades to pink?
What else, on your opinion, would look good between HC and Strike it Rich? Also, the flower bed gets all day hot-hot sun. I thought about Chihuly but I already have it planted in the opposite flower bed. It is really important about the mildew and rust resistance. After years of trying...a week ago I had to get rid of Gypsy and another rose that were truly complementing my Julia C. So now she is looking for new friends too. I spent days on Internet trying to decideðÂÂÂ. Please help!
Overall, what would be of your rust and mildew-free roses? I am 5 miles from the ocean.

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kstrong(10 So Cal)

Brothers Grimm and Adobe Sunrise are two favorite Oranges that are disease-free here -- San Juan Capistrano in a marine canyon -- if there's a marine fog layer anywhere, there is one at my place. But I like Easy Does it, also. If you want a softer orange, then Lady of Shallot is another goodie that blooms well. But LoS can really, really grow -- so give it space.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

It fades to an orange-pink-yellow blend. 'Cinco de Mayo' is similar to HC with a bit of purple in it at times. 'Disneyland' is another in that color range, but I think Tuscan Sun is better on disease resistance. I think I would suggest Tuscan Sun, but as kstrong said, look at 'Brother's Grimm', 'Adobe Sunrise' and LoS. I saw 'Brother's Grimm' at the Huntington and it was pretty dazzling. 'Brass Band' is another idea if you want more of a larger HT.

There are a lot of good ones in that color range, so hard to go wrong. 'Julia Child' is awesome, no? Mine are wonderful. I have 'Tuscan Sun' between two JCs, and a Disneyland on the other side of that.

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Thank you, thank you... â¤ï¸ÂðÂÂÂ
I already have "Lady of S-t" and I love her. Truly, she get no diseases.
Saw a post from Zone 7 on one of the forums here that "Brother's Grimm" got mildew...Thus, was looking for "TS" and "Adobe" . So far, can't locate neither "Tuscan Sun" nor "Adobe Sunrise".
Hoovb, how mildew and rust-resistant is your "Disneyland"?

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From disease resistance point of view (and that beauty!) what would be a better choice for Ms. "Julia C." .... "Disneyland" or "Easy Does It"?? Arent they both fade to pink? Her "other-side" partner will be "Dame de Coeur".

Thank you so very much for sharing!

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

EDI is about the same as Disneyland on Rust, maybe slightly better. No mildew on either here. They do both get pinky, though it's a blended pinky, not a pure pinky. I saw 'Tuscan Sun' recently--it might have been Roger's or Armstrong's as they are the only places I've been lately.

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I was at local Armstrong yesterday. Every single rose in the store is totally covered in mildew. Will try Roger's. If not, I guess for Tuscan Sun its worth to wait till the next season and do order from a nursery. Regan nursery sells it. However, they are no longer mailing their roses for this year.
What is, on your opinion, the best remedy for rust in our area? if I may...

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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

My mom absolutely loves Disneyland, but it has rusted a bit for her in Santa Monica. It is incredibly vibrant, variable, and moderately fragrant at times, but not the healthiest rose she grows. She has a few in the ground and one in a container. The plant in the container is probably a little worse regarding disease resistance.


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Thank you, Jay.
Would you happen to know if your mom uses fungicides?

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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

She doesn't use any fungicides, pesticides, or sprays of any kind. Fertilizer when she remembers, yearly soil amendment, and yearly mulching is the extent of her care besides watering. I generally dead head everything when I stop by. I haven't noticed mildew on Disneyland even though it's a regular problem here. The rust came on around August of last year and persisted to some degree through being pruned back in January. I'll check the foliage the next time I can to see how it looks this time of year.


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