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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)June 25, 2013

Since you asked in the other thread - I went with a landscaper. The wheels are in motion, have to pick out the stone I want to use, will drag my sister (aka Sis in your book) along, she loves stuff like that and DH doesn't really give a flip - might as well make it a fun day at the stone place and lunch. I'm looking at mid to late August to have the work done.

Will be a PITA for me to dig all those plants and then replant, but there's too much $$$ sitting in the ground and some beautiful plant material to just toss. So, in some regards looking forward to the new patio, in other regards not at all looking forward to it. I'll be happy when it's done, no doubt. :0)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

why replant what needs to be moved... wont it be going back????

two choices ....

make a nursery bed .... even just a pile of wood chips.. dig up plants.. nestle them in.. and 'hold them over' for the week or two of the project ... replant.. the spread mulch .... this plan might seem slightly backwards.. to order the finish mulch first.. but is brilliant.. if i say so myself.. lol ... make it part of the project and have him deliver and place it.. where you need it for the storage ... sorta like nurseries.. who bury ball and burlaps in mulch ...

or use plastic grocery bags .. dig plant... insert in bag .... carry to holding area in full shade ... set down.. open bag flat .. and let them lay there for the duration ... pick up.. and replant after it is all done ... throw bag away .. water and mulch ....

take lots of pre and post pix ....

good luck


ps: might be an interesting NEW post about how others have 'held plants over' ... if you dont address it solely to me.. lol ...

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