replacing oil seal

pfdnothingJuly 10, 2009

I have a 20 HP briggs Vanguard V twin.

Model 351777

Type 1135E1


Code 98121511

Any advice on changing the Crank shaft oil seal

on the PTO side. I would like to change this

with the engine on the tractor if possible .

It is on a Simplicity Landlord tractor , I can

get to the seal just not sure what to use to

remove it . I do not want to cause any damage

to the side plate.

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Don't know without seeing it. But there are seal pullers, available at auto parts stores, or use a sharp flat head screwdriver and puncture the steel outer edge and lever it out.

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Or drill a small hole in the metal part, run a screw in it and use the screw to pull the seal.

Walt Conner

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I just changed my crankshaft seals on my B&S V Twin 18 HP 350777 1137 E1. I followed the manual and repair instructions which said to use a big flat screwdriver under the seal to pry it up. The instructions also said to be careful not to damage the bearings. I used a rag under the screwdriver so I would not mark up the oil pan. It does take some slow and steady force but it does come.
Good luck

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Whatever method you use to extract the old seal, be careful not to scratch or gouge the bore the seal seats in. A good scratch or gouge to that surface and the new seal will leak where it fits to the cover. If you DO make a scratch, or find a scratch, coat the outside diameter band of the seal with Permatex # 2 sealant (or equivalent product) before installing the new seal.

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I used the small hole and screw method that
Walt Conner suggested . It popped right out
and the seal replaced in less than 5 Min.
Thanks for all the suggestions , I will put
them in my Small Engine note book.

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Thank you for updating about the final results. Good luck to you.

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