New carb problem

edthedeadJuly 22, 2010

I put a new "Nikki" carb on my 18 HP Briggs engine 31P777 and the choke sticks and I have to pull it off by hand . I don't get it. It works freely and then all at once it will not come off. Anyone else have that problem?

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I dought there is nothing wrong with the new carb. IMO it probably in the choke cable. Beings you had to tamper with it to get the new carb off and hooked back up. It is now probably binding or sticking inside the cable housing or you just adjusted it wrong or tighten it down too tight?

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The choke on this carb is automatic. We have seen this before as many replacement carbs are 'universal', e.g. fitting several applications. If you look at the top of the carb where the butterfly extends through the casting, you'll see a small coil or spring that acts as a stop at each choke setting. Remove the spring with a pair of needle nose pliers and the choke will work properly again.

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I think I know what he/ she means. These are craptastic replacements that have a loose fitting choke plate. Be sure that the plate is in position and stays in position. Recall that the old carb choke butterfly was retained w/ screws? The choke plate can also bind in the elbow that goes up to the airbox. Snugging that elbow to one side or the other usually gives you enough clearance.

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That's exactly it! I loosened the two 7/16 nuts and the choke snapped back. I retightened them pushing the inlet back towards the engine and it is working freely. Thanks to everyone who responded. Do I need to do something with the floppy choke plate or will it be ok as it is?

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