Brita Water Filter Charcoal ?? Compostable?

bertman_gw(5B West Conn)June 22, 2011

Just cut one open , I use to always throw the whole thing away. Should I just dump in my land fill area or could you add this to the compost heap!


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I wouldn't.

Its not just carbon, there are "ion exchange" beads - pretty much small plastic beads. Who knows what they would leach into the soil...

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It depends on what this filter is removing from your water.
Most of these types of filters are Activated Charcoal, the same stuff that is used to filter the water from a fish tank. Activated charcoal, much different stuff from the charcoal used to grill with, can be composted. I doubt that a filter on a faucet or a canister would be filtering things such as heavy metals other then possibly small quantities of iron.

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