Help! Need tips for changing belt on Murray Select Riding Mower

gulfbeach47(NW Fl.)July 14, 2010

Have not been on the forums in awhile. Hope this is the correct forum. My dad passed away and I inherited his Murray Select Riding Mower. Model 42591x8B. It was bought in 1999.Additional information:It is a AutomaticDrive Widebody LT. 42"/17HP.

I'm not mechanically inclined.The belt is very brittle and ready for replacement. Reading the manual it says to remove the mower housing and then it gives instructions to replace belt. What is the housing? Looking at the manual it looks like the housing could be the whole part of the body under the seat. I can't imagine that they would design it that difficult to just change the belt. I googled everywhere including utube for video or better instructions. Saw some other brands on utube that were easy to change but of course they were not a Murray. If you show me a link or some better instructions then this manual I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Joan

The Murray has run great for 10 years. I only put less then 10 hours on it a year.

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they are talking about removing the entire mower deck assembly from under the tractor in order to gain access to the tractor's underside where the engine to transmission belt runs - the one you want to replace.
Take pixs as you go - also, read your manual fully first - replace belt with an original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) belt, not some noname aftermarket variety, Will prolly be more $$, but should last you for another 10 years.

Again, don't forget to take the pixs as you proceed !!!

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gulfbeach47(NW Fl.)

rcbe, thanks for your reply. Removing the mower deck assembly (did not know name) is what I was worried they were saying to do. I hope it is easier then it looks. Does is involve taking off the seat and everything else above the mower deck assembly? The instructions are not clear on removing assembly and when you turn to the page with mower housing of course it shows the housing all apart with the more then 60 parts. I used to have a video camera (it broke) for working on my dad's old JD riding tiller. I do have a digital camera that I used for talking pix of any repair attempts:) I was hoping that someone might have a link or easier instructions then this Murray manual.
Thanks, gulfbeach47

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Murray went out of business a few yrs ago - also that unit you have is a bit dated. Will be tuff to find an online owner's manual for it.

In the manual you do have, there should be a section giving mower deck installation/removal instructions. Another section should give instructions on how to remove/replace that drive belt. If not, all you may have there is a parts list.

For instance, seat removal is NOT necessary for mower deck removal, but MAY have to come off to replace drive belt.

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gulfbeach47(NW Fl.)

Wondered why I had not seen them in the box stores anymore. I have the original owners manual. That is the one which is so difficult to understand:) When I go to ''How To Replace The Mower Drive Belt'' the first thing it says is remove the mower housing. Then it refers to instructions on removing mower housing. When I turn to that page it only list 10 steps but I get lost looking at the diagram they provide. I don't comprehend very well. Have you ever changed one for this model and if so how hard is it to remove the housing? Are we able to attach photos with the optional link url spaces provided if I need to?

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Let me say this: The people who designed those older Murrays must of had a wicked bent to their minds and psyche's! Oihh--such a beeziness!
I replaced the rear drive belt on an old Montgomery Ward Lawn tractor. By the time i was finished, i was babbling incoherently! After i got my wits settled back down, i backed it out of the garage, and the front main drive belt went kablooie! It now reposes under a large tarp, waiting for dismantling for scrap! The engine, i will save, and some other parts!
Then, early in the spring, the local Parks & Recreation brought their late model light duty lawn tractor in for belt replacement! Same deal, although, i could easily remove the whole rear fender assembly, and that helped immensely. They use it to pull a large wooden box, filled with rocks, to drag the base paths, and other uses!??
How long will it hold up? No one can tell----
They ain't fun to work on! by: Rusty Jones

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Are you refering to the traction belt? These aren't hard really. Many you don't have to even remove the engine pulley. You have to loosen the nuts at the rear idler pulleys and remove or loosen the one bolt that is at the front idler pulley for a guide. If you have the old belt still on, zip tie it to the new one and pull it through. I believe you also have to remove the snap ring from the steering shaft and pull the shaft up as the belt goes on both sides. Install it over the engine pulley first, lock the brake down w/ the parking brake lever and all will go well.

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You're admitting that you are not mechanically inclined, should tell you, from your questions, that you might just as well go buy a new one, and set the old one out at the curb, with a price sign of $50, and it'll be gone by first light! Believe me, when i get one of those goofy drive mowers in for repairs, i shudder! And, i've been a machanic since 1950!
Take my advice and don't try to fix it yourself!

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Where is the snap ring located on the steering column. I have removed the 2 bolts that hold the steering column in place but
I can't get the steering column to come out.


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