Toro LX500 Rear end

dnimigonJuly 12, 2010

How do I find out service info for the rear end on this Toro. Do I need to remove it to add grease or is it oil inside. Does it need to be removed to do this. It's getting very noisy

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Give us a bit more info on the tractor. And tell us some more, like how old, H.P., Hydro transmission? Or geared? We need Model numbers, etc. Trouble you are having with it. Its kind of hard to look thru the computer screen to see it!

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It's a single speed MTD trans Rusty. What is the noise like and when are you hearing it? If it is for sure from the trans, it will need to come out and apart.

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It's only about 2 years old but we do alot of cutting on our property. It has side hills and banks. It did in our last mower which was smaller. I'm assuming this is an inexpensive rear end in these ande it couldn't take the side hill mowing. The rear end is probably going, I just need to prolong it a bit if I can. Is their a better rear end available that this can be replaced.

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