riding mower does not want to run

BBealrock2July 2, 2014

I have a montgomery ward lawn tractor 42 in cut 14hp briggs I/C. I was mowing the field just find and heard something knocking on the inside...tore it down and shattered the piston arm....the rest was fine no damage... I had goet another arm replace it but now I can not get it to run...I get fuel and spark...magneto is good and the coil is gaped to .010 with a feeler gage. it ran fine before now all it does is crank over... any ideas where to go

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You actually were able to buy an arm for a piston?
What about timing marks on the crankshaft gear and camshaft gear?
Did you notice those marks?

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He probably filed those marks off, thinking the damage dummies inside did that to break the funny rod! Uhhh---what is "timing"? Kin ya set yer watch by them?
Ohh, yes, How have we gotten this far in life?? Didn't anybody pay attention in school? When they passed out the brains, I hid behint the door, because I wuz scared of trains!
Yes--the old guy is back! Still hale and hearty! Still fixin' stuff! Got a new lady friend, and life is GOOD! See ya! RJ

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