John Deere 425 No spark won't start

ALLJDJuly 22, 2011

I have a 425 AWS lawn tractor and it won't start. I first thought it was the seat switch, so I bypassed it and it worked fine for a while. The fuel pump works and both 15 amp fuses are good. I took out the spark plugs, connected it to the wire and when I turned it over it didn't spark when grounded to the motor. Neither side sparks so I don't think it is the coils. Does any one have any other ideas, Thanks.

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Replace "time delay" module. It used to be around $20 from your dealer. Item 30 in the diagram.

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Thank you for responding to my question. I put in the new part and it worked perfectly. It cost less than $20.00 for the part. This is a great website!

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Uhh, exactly where is that time delay module? Wife's telling me ours won't start and I investigated it and it doesn't have any spark either. This must be a common problem with these.

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If your sitting on the tractor, It's on the left side near the rear of the engine compartment. In the wiring harness assy. It's a square component and my new one was round.

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I had the same thing. I stressed over it for a few days, thinking what the dealer would charge to get it fixed, then I read this page, bought the time delay module, for 20 bucks, and in ten minutes was out mowing! That little part is big trouble when it fails. At least its easy to change, and cheap. I'm so glad this forum exists, it saved me a lot of time and expense for sure.

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Thank you for the information. I had the same problem but it manifested itself with what I thought, was related to the heat of the engine. I replaced the time delay module and tractor is running fine. Module cost was $21.95. An alternative, the igniter would have cost close to $300.00.

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