Ingrid Bergman!

queenbee_1(7)May 15, 2010

I had a Mother's Day gift card and went hunting roses today.. There were lots of them but most didn't look great.. spent flowers wayyy past their prime, broken limbs from people moving thru the too closely set pots and they need water....BUT there in the middle of this mess was a beautiful red rose, nice clean leaves, heavily laden w/ buds and a few almost opened roses--calling my name! I made my way thru the 'jungle' to see who it was....There sat the #1( for today) on my wish list Ingrid Bergman!!!! So, I grabbed her and some copper plant markers and heading to the check out... She is so pretty--much more red than the few pictures I have seen!!! I just want to share my find...Thanks QB

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Good for you -- I really, really like that rose!

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And so do I. If I moved, it would be the first red I bought.

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artemis_mo(z5b MO)

I also love her. IB's rich color, thick velvet petals and shiny deep green leaves are beautiful. Also, her blooms are the longest lasting in my garden. One of the few roses I have that are not strongly fragrant.

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I finally sp'd her this spring and replaced it with Pope John Paul. She was a good rose but it was slow to rebloom and she has no noticable fragrance... sorry?? Vet's Honor has no fragrance also but it is much better (for me) with size, health and amount of blooms.

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My IB is going to bloom soon. This is a baby plant. I planted 2 Double Delights next to her. I won't miss any fragrance!

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I have two of IB and they bloom a lot! Color is so rich and each flush is loaded with blooms on the bush. One of my fav reds.

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I absolutely love Ingrid Bergman. It repeats very quickly for me, and is still blooming here in Aus in very cold weather (this is almost winter here). The flowers hold very well on the bush and also as cut flowers. Great choice!

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