Simplicity Conquest, to buy or not to buy?

Tonytn1158July 4, 2014

Hi, I hope everyone is well. I'm looking at a 2002 Simplicity Conquest that I am considering buying. I need advice to buy or not and what to look for? The man that owns it works at an area mower shop. He bought it with a blown engine. It had a 20 hp Briggs Vanguard. He replaced it with a 2004 model 18 hp Briggs Vanguard. Will that engine turn a 54" deck? I will be mowing about an 1 1/2 acres. It has a hill on it. I will be mowing some kudzu, or at least attempt to. It is a hydro unit. The steering is stiff, could it have power steering, but isn't working. What would you look at to see is if it has PS? I have driven for a minute. What else should I look for? He's asking $1300, he said the least he would take is $1200. I spoke with the local dealer, he said it was to much. He stated the fair price would be about $900. So, what does everyone think? Good buy or not and at what price? Thank you.....

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kudzu... that stuff is an invasive vine, not grass. Would be thinking Bush Hog, not riding mower. Bad stuff to get rid of.
Might want to look around at what others are using in similar circumstances in your area to accomplish same before investing in hardware, etc. ... If the kudzu is your main problem, there may be other means to remove such and then look at appropriate grounds maintanence eqpt. Would start with checking with your county agent for advice on kudzu..

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It would be pushing the 18 HP Vanguard to its upper limits to handle a 54" deck cutting a finished lawn. It's not even inside the ballpark to deal with thick foliage like you want to cut.
Cutting with a 54" deck and 18 HP would require that the lawn/vegetation not be much taller than the level you intend to cut it to. Your ground speed would also need to be very slow if you were trying to cut a lawn that had gained significant growth.
Now, if you could get the same tractor with a 46", or 48" deck.......the match up of engine to deck would be about right.......for cutting lawn.
You need to pen that area in and turn about 100 goats loose there. :^)

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Hi, that's what I been wondering about if that engine was enough to turn that size of a deck. I think I'll continue looking,,,,,,,,Thank you.....

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