Any other oaks roots like the Holm oaks?

poaky1April 23, 2013

The Holm oak in floras post shows how the roots are, mounded up, then into the ground unseen. Is there anyone who has noticed another oak with roots like the Holm oak? Even any tree for that matter. I realize the tree in floras post/ thread is old, but the tree probably had the same rooting habit when young too. I have tried a Holm oak in my yard and it died. It was a seed-grown seedling. I know it is hard to get one from seed. Maybe I can find one grafted, to try again. I think they are zone 7 min though.

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joeinmo 6b-7a

Pin Oak and a non oak would be sweet gum

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davidrt28 (zone 7)

The holm oak just isn't very hardy, I wouldn't waste your time. Really a zn 8 tree if you take into account the fact that zn 8 areas can go down to 0F or even a bit lower. I tried a couple and they died. I you want to experiment with a European evergreen oak, the Quercus ilex (oops - meant Quercus suber!) seemed a little hardier to me, but still isn't hardy enough for NE PA. I had one get to 8' tall or so in Northern VA but it died. If we could get Lucombe oaks here they would be interesting to experiment with.

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Too late for the advice David, I just ordered 5 seeds from ebay of quercus Ilex, which I thought were Holm oak. Isn't Quercus Ilex the same as Holm oak? The price is low for the 5 seeds anyway. I looked it up the Holm oak is Q. Ilex or Holly oak. I am not going to go overboard if this tree seed/ seedlings die. I have done so with American live oaks though. I think it is like $10.00 USD spent for these seeds. I have 2 Pin oaks in my yard Joeinmo, I never noticed the roots of very old Pin oaks, though. I will not plant Sweetgum because of the Mace -like seedpods.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

davidrt28 - I thought Holm Oak was Quercus ilex. That's what the one in Cardiff is, anyway.

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