Tree in brick Planter

ken75070(7B)April 23, 2013

We just got some brick planters put in , and now what do I need to do about the tree, We would like to put in some Annuals around the tree,

Do I need to replant the tree,
Would it be alright if I put the Annuals in pots inside the brick ring

any other suggestions


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As long as you don't fill it full of soil you can do what you want. If you fill it full of soil, set some money aside for a new tree in 3-4-5 years.

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If I wanted to put in a different tree,
The ring is 56" across is that enough room for a tree to grow, I see lots of trees at the tree farm in burlap or in large planters

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

a trees roots.. can be upwards of twice the size of that above ...

since your ring is basically just a retaining wall.. and not a pot ... it is irrelevant to the tree ...

you can not bury the trunk any deeper ...

so you have two options ... NEVER add soil ...

or dig out the tree and raise it and add soil ...

and sub option 1 to B ... would be to plant ANYTHING else you might want there.. instead of the tree ... which.. you probably should have done BEFORE the ring was put in.. but hindsight is 20/20 ...

a tree would be nice there.. but there are certain trees.. that will destroy that planter.. within about 10 years.. including.. all the surface rooted trees.. maple.. birch.. willow... mulberry.. etc ....

its your hole.. do whatever you want with it ...


ps: why is your tree electrified.. and what is that green band just above the soil.. it isnt choking a swelling tree.. is it????

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The tree is a HOA requirement and was in the ground when we got the house, it has a wound, about 2" x 6" near the base, that's why I was thinking of replacing it, it is a live oak, my wife wanted the brick like. Other homes in he area.

what tree would you suggest as a replacement.

Would it be better to plant a new tree at the same level or raise it up by ading some soil.

As I a mentioned before, I am thinking of using 5 gallon tubs and rotate in and out potted plants for color

So I would never add soil, but would mulch be ok to add

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arktrees(6b NW Arkansas)

Tree looks like it has a strip of the green stretching binder at the bottom just above the ground. REMOVE that ASAP. It looks to be girdling your tree, and may be partly or completely responsible for the "wounds" on the tree. Looks to be planted too deeply as well. Also what's with the wires? How about a nice close picture of the "wound"?

As for what to replace it with, that depends on where you are, soil type, soil drainage, and personal preferences. But pure stab in the dark guess from the picture and the type of tree already there, and zone 7b, Nuttall Oak planted properly.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

That's not a planter. As had been said, creating a wall like this around an existing tree and piling it full of soil is inviting problems for the tree. Trees are wrapped or boxed for selling purposes only. It is expected that the buyer properly plant the trees, giving the roots sufficient room to develop.

When planning for trees, we must take into account the root system! If you take care of the roots and the soil in which the roots will grow, you have a good chance of growing a tree that will add true value to your home for many, many years to come.'ll likely be replacing trees on a regular basis.

Though mulch is encouraged on the expanding root system, it should never be piled up against the trunk.

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Follow suggestions above and see how tree does after summer. I have seen young LO recover from some nasty scars when problem was removed. I typically have 15-20 potted plants on the shady side of a Cedar Elm. The tree seems to have benefited from the extra watering. Would guess that a single ring of pots around edge of brick will not hurt tree.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

listen to me.. i think you are missing the tree thru the forest of info ..

first.. decide it the tree must die.. if so.. dig out ... which will mean you have the hole for the new one ...

second.. choose and get new one ...

third.. find brandons planting guide.. and plant it three inches under the lip of the brick ... and backfill the rest of the brick with soil .... to the 3 inches ....

4th.. plant your annuals ...

you are confusing info on how to deal with the existing tree.. which is too deep ....

with ideas on a new tree .. properly placed in the brick ....

if you replace the tree.. set it at the proper height for the brick..

AND FORGET ABOUT THE POTS in the planter ... it will look.. sorry.. stupid.. and you HOA might be knocking at your door ...


ps: it is not a 'planter'.. because it has no bottom .... in theory.. a 'planter' is a custom made pot ... hence my suggestion that it is basically a wall.. no bottom ... words mean things.. so i am trying to clarify some of the things said .. so you can understand us ....

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