Comparing Aloha and Mortimer Sackler

missmary(6b)May 8, 2012

Well, I started out on an earlier post wanting to find where to buy a Mortimer Sackler. In the meanwhile, I went looking for a backup - and found Aloha. I see favorable discussions about Aloha here, and it is often mentioned as being good in my area (Maryland).

So, now I'm not sure which I want to plant.

This rose is for an area by my entry/front door. There is full sun (technically) - 6 hours, but there is shade at the last part of the day.

Since it's by the entryway, I'd like it to be a good repeat bloomer. Lacking that, a nice looking green leaf plant when not blooming.

Blackspot is challenge here.

It'll be climbing a trellis against a 12ft-ish brick wall.

Your vote?

Miss Mary

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I know nothing about Aloha, so can't help you there. Mortimer, however, meets all your requirements--except it is not as good on repeat bloom as it could be. It also has very few thorns, if that is a consideration by the front entry. Here in Kansas, I don't have to spray Mortimer, so the leaves always look good--whether you would need to spray or not, I'm not sure since I often hear MD posters complain about the BS pressures in their area. Late afternoon shade is good for Mortimer whose blooms can sometimes slightly singe on the edges. All things considered, Mortimer is an excellent rose and would work well for a trellis against a 12 ft wall.

Good luck in your search.


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I grow Mortimer Sackler in a spot where it does not get all day sun; it tolerates some shade in my garden setting.

It has a graceful growth habit and reminds me of a Noisette.

Blackspot pressure is heavy here, it gets blackspot and drops leaves in my no-spray garden. However repeat bloom is good, and it's vigorous and hardy.

It has a lovely sweet fragrance.

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