Need to learn about roses...newbie here

bgaviator(7)May 2, 2013

Hello all,
Last year and this year I have planted a few Double Knock Out Rose bushes. Those seem to be doing pretty well for me...they seem pretty low maintenance so far.

Now we are wanting to do yellow roses in the front of the house off to the side of the porch where it will get full sun. I

I see that the Knock Out Rose brand has what's called a Sunny Knock Out.....
I am looking for something that at a minimum will get 3ft tall, but preferably a little taller.
Are these Sunny ones pretty good too?
I was at Meijer today and saw a kind of yellow rose called a thornless or something along those lines. It still had thorns though on the bottom half of the stems, but the top half was thorn free. I was pretty turned off by the price though...$21!

I then saw they had had something called a Yellow Hybrid Tea was very pretty, and only $10....more my liking on price!

I also was looking online at something called the Easy Elegance roses. I am not sure how expensive they are cause I haven't been able to get to the only garden center that sells them around here yet.....but I'm afraid they will probably be expensive as well.....I will probably need at least 3 plants for this area we are doing.

I need something that is easy to take care of (this is at my in-law's house....if I'm not around, the plants won't get taken care of too well)
I also want something that is a repeat bloomer throughout the whole spring/summer.

With all this criteria in mind, what should I probably go for to meed our needs? Thank you.

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Knock Out has been demonstrated to resist at least three of the five major types of black spot in the US. Hybrid Teas in general, are NOT as disease resistant and may easily require far more maintenance. I can't comment on the Easy Elegance roses as they aren't generally available in my area and haven't been reported on through the Earth Kind Trials yet. It is through the Earth Kind Trials the Knock Out types have been found to be as resistant as they are. Per Help Me Find - Roses, Sunny Knock Out can grow 4.5 feet tall, but, per the Earth Kind Trials results, Sunny Knock Out is only resistant to one of the three strains of black spot tested. This means it is very likely not to be as healthy as the Knock Outs.

Of the list of roses which have been tested against the three strains of black spot in this trial, the only yellow rose proven resistant to all three of the strains is Ping Lim's Yellow Submarine. But, it is only rated to grow two to three feet in height. Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: Yellow Submarine

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predfern(z5 Chicago)

Other yellow roses to consider are Golden Fairy Tale (Kordes) and Prairie Harvest (Buck). Yellow Submarine is an Easy Elegance rose. Jude the Obscure (Austin) works for me but I don't get much blackspot here (I don't spray).

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Prairie Harvest was determined to be resistant to only one of the three tested for strains of black spot. Neither of the other two roses were in the trials. Kim

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How much do they typically charge for the Easy Elegance roses?

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Carefree Sunshine is another resistant yellow, hybridized by William Radler, who hybridized Sunny Knock Out.

You don't want a hybrid tea, they are not disease resistant, and will probably require more care (regular fungicide spray) than the varieties already named.

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Hybrid teas in general don't make a particularly pretty bush. They are usually tall and thin. However, Elina is a nice bushy hybrid tea that is yellow and here in zone 9 Florida, fairly disease resistant.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Another hybrid tea is Berolina --a brighter, fuller yellower color than Elina although Elina's creamy color highlighted with a lemony yellow in the center is quite lovely. Anyway, Berolina is supposed to be very disease-resistant also.

My neighbor grows the Sunny yellow Knock Out you were considering, and I think hers is very attractive. The opening blooms fade considerably, but the plant as a whole with its combination of sunny yellow new blooms mixed with older blooms fading to a creamy color is absolutely charming to me. She has never complained about it blackspotting, so it must be all right. She certainly lets me know about which of her plants are causing trouble.

If you like Sunny Knock Out, I say go for it! It may be the most easy care.

Another yellow that many posters praise to the skies is Julia Childs--supposedly has good disease-resistance, but I have never seen one, so I dont' know for sure. But do check it out at info. there, if you don't already know about that resource.

Good luck.


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predfern(z5 Chicago)

Easy Elegance roses are mostly available through local nurseries so will probably be expensive. The Easy Elegance website has a "Locate a Retailer". Buck roses were used in the breeding of both Easy Elegance and Knockout roses, and a Kordes rose was used in the breeding of Buck roses. I order from Roses Unlimited in South Carolina (they don't have Easy Elegance but do have Buck, Kordes and Austin roses). With shipping they cost about $20. For more information about roses go to

Here is a link that might be useful: Easy Elegance

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marquest(z5 PA)

I planted Sunny knockout in a garden for my parents. It is fragrant and it is as healthy looking as the other knockouts for 2 years. I say go for the Sunny for our zone it is a good choice.

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Well I ended up finding the Easy Elegance roses. I bought three High Voltage rose bushes. I ran all over town looking for a place that carried them. Out of all the garden centers in the area, only 1 carried the Sunny Knockout. The one garden center I found the Easy Elegance told me they weren't happy with their (Sunny Knockout) performance. The Easy Elegance were expensive....I paid $27 each, but I hope they will be well worth it. They wanted $32 for the Sunny Knockouts at the other garden center! No way am I going to pay even more for a rose that doesn't seem to perform as well! I will try to post pictures later this year when they start blooming.

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