Yellow leaves on miniature rose

CammieR62May 1, 2012

I have a miniature rose that was healthy until approx. one month ago when I noticed that its leaves had begun turning yellow. At the same time, a very long shoot, with one small rose shot up from the middle. So what had been a small bushy rose plant, became a tall, spindly rose plant. I thought perhaps it was in too small of a pot so I re-potted it. It is now in a large pot, with rose soil. It also gets rose food once a month. I live in a very hot climate (Southwest). I'm not sure if this rose is getting too much water, not enough water, or if it is stressed from the heat. I do not keep it in the direct sun because it would wilt. Temperatures here remain in the 100s from mid May until sometime in October. I've noticed that the stem of its one rose is starting to turn brown. Has anyone experienced this problem?

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seil zone 6b MI

Can you post pictures of it? Sometimes the old leaves will just yellow and drop with age to allow for new growth. It's hard to say if there is something wrong with that cane or if it is just maturing into hard wood with out seeing it.

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