Identifying rose canker.. (Think I killed them. HELP!)

DisplacedClevelander(6a)May 2, 2014

So I lost two roses and am pretty sure I lost them to black spot (RIP Dolly Parton and Voo Doo). A week and a half ago, I did some pruning but did not clean my pruners in between shrubs. (Idiot mistake, I know)

Peaking around my garden now and I see how some green canes are starting to turn brown. What does this mean? Do my roses have canker? Did I just do an armature job of pruning and what's why they are turning brown or did I spread whatever killed to the others? Where and how should I prune them?

For some reason this site isn't letting me post multiple photos, so will post them separately.

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Okay, here is another. Ugh, this makes me so bummed out.

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And lastly.. This is the most pathetic. Not sure if the new red growth is a glimmer of hope or if the damage is already done.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

The new growth is a full out celebration of hope and good things to come.

In most cases it looks as if whatever you pruned off is actively spreading downward. Cut below it and check the pith color.

Your photo with the big roundish stone in the background is two things: the same problem as the downward spread, coupled with a canker coming from a dead area (here facing downwards).

You aren't alone in having these problems this spring.

(Protect that new growth from dogs, cats, big birds, and feet. )

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Cut off the brown and black canes--all the way to the ground if needed. If the inside/center of the cane is white, you are back to healthy cane. If there is no white center, just cut back to soil level. Then feed and water the rose and stand back and watch the beautiful red leaves at the base start growing like crazy and turning green and putting out buds and finally gorgeous blooms. The only difference is that the rose may be a bit shorter this year--but should make up the difference by next year.

You are panicking needlessly. That red stuff is cause for celebration--a wonderful new rose is forming!

A month from now report back--with pics, if possible! : )


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seil zone 6b MI

It's very normal in cold climates to have further die back in the spring after the first pruning. Sometimes the cane may look green and healthy so we leave it thinking it's OK. But there has already been some freeze damage to the cells and so it slowly turns dark and dies off and needs to be pruned off. You have lots of healthy looking new growth there so there's no cause for alarm. Your roses will be fine.

As for the black spot. Your pruners have nothing to do with it. It's out there, everywhere! In the soil, in the air on the plants, it's there. Whether you clean your pruners between cuts or not if you're in a black spot area you'll have it. Unless you spray religiously.

Cleaning the pruners is more for reducing the spread of other transmittable diseases such as gall, canker and rose rosette disease. I used to do it faithfully but it's a total pain in the butt so I don't do it at all now unless I'm cutting something out because it's diseased and I can see it. I haven't noticed any big difference in the occurrence of any problems as a result.

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