Craftsman YT 4000

ckr74July 8, 2014

I went to my sisters house to look at their hydro mower which was making alot of noise when the pedal was released. Found a worn drive belt and a bad plastic idler pulley. What a pile of junk! It has right at 50 hrs on the meter. I can't believe they would use plastic pulleys behind a 24 hp motor. It was covered under warranty but if they replace with plastic again it won't be long before it's broke again. Just commenting on the cheap build quality of mowers these days.

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I suspect that the bad pulley damaged the belt. Non-metallic idler pulleys have not posed a problem for me. Automakers use them.
50 hours would be about 3000 road miles on a car.

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Mowing environment and work load on the lawn tractor has can shorten component life dramatically.

Wish I had a nickel; for every plastic idler and tensioner pulley that's out there happily spinning.

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