John Deere L120 Fuel Delivery problem? (Won't start)

xtremluckJuly 1, 2014

Hi Guys/Gals,
I have a John Deere L120 Auto with a B&S 20HP VTek Double Carb engine. Over the last few months it had a tendency to stall after about 15-30 mins of use and refused to start. After leaving it off for about 30 minutes I would come back to it and it would start up eventually. However about 3 weeks ago it got to the point where it would not start anymore. The engine cranks and turns but I get no fire. So far I have done the following:

1. Replaced the seat pressure switch
2. Checked the fuel cap to see if the breather hole was plugged
3. Rebuilt the carburetor
4. Replaced the fuel pump
5. Replaced the spark plugs

No luck. I suspect there is some sort of fuel delivery problem because I disconnected the fuel line from the fuel pump to the carb and when I crank there is no fuel coming out or being drawn. Any ideas?

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" The engine cranks and turns but I get no fire"-
Do you mean you get no spark or that it won't run?

You didn't mention the fuel filter.

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Sounds like your not getting any power to the fuel pump, I would take the fuel hose from the fuel pump to the carb and disconnect it from the fuel pump and leave it connected to the carb then feel the hose full of gas and see if it runs.

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