Scott 1642 Battery drain

kirkridgeJuly 21, 2010

Newbie needs a little help. There is a drain on the battery and it will discharge within 3 days, I was wondering what should be check first. Is there common problem to the 1642 causing this? What things would cause this or that I should check? It has a Kohler CV16S,spec:43526.

Any help would be appreciated

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How do you know that there is an actual drain?

You need to figure that out first. One way to check is to charge the battery fully and remove one battery cable from it. Wait for four days and then reconnect the cable. Try starting the engine. If it spins over and starts, then shut it down. Leave the cable connected this time and wait 3 days before trying it again. If the battery is flat, then I'd agree that the problem is with the tractor and not the battery.

If you have a simple test light, then disconnect one battery cable and then put the tester's lead to the battery cable end and the tester's probe or other lead to the battery post. If the light glows, then something is drawing current. It helps to have a wiring diagram for this tractor so you can see how things are connected. It could be a faulty diode or bad ignition switch. You can leave the test light in place and then disconnect one item after the other until the light goes out. When that happens, you have found the faulty circuit. Now you have to figure out what's wrong in that circuit but at least it's narrowed down.

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Great diagnostic information. I'll try your methods and report back. I thought the battery had a drain on it because it is a new battery and after 3-4 days didn't have enough amps to turn over the starter.
Thank you for your support

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