Identify this for me please

jfchui(NSW Aust)April 27, 2014

In a ground floor unit two trees were seen growing (by previous owner) taller and taller in the garden and we decided to remove it last year. The appointed tree man said they were strub and can simply be removed and he did. However, he refused to grind the stumb for us. Instead he left toxic stuff on the trunk surface after it was cut. That's wasn't good but it is now too late.

After a year we found the tree had tried to grow sideway. We don't live there but we believe new borns had growth to over 4 meters till we were told the problem. See picture. The tenant chopped it down and yesterday we removed it. At the same time we removed the top soil and as seen from the picture its roots grows sideway and it was very thick (the root was nearly 13cm, it took only abt one year to reach that size!.)

This is alarming as the roots move towards our piping for drinking water and sewage pipes as well. All I had done yesterday was to cut what we saw.

Here is a link that might be useful: not required

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Do you have any idea what kind of "toxic stuff" he used? If glyphosate or triclopyr are available in Australia, effectively treating this relatively small tree, to eliminate it permanently, should be very simple, easy, and safe. Just apply a concentrated (not watered down and ready for sprayer use) small amount of either chemical to the phloem (around the edge) of the freshly-cut stump.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

As to identifying the tree, it's a pity the picture was taken after it was cut down. There's very little to go on to id it. Any chance of a close up of the leaves?

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jfchui(NSW Aust)

Thanks for follow-up. I'll try to get more pictures. By the way the given link has one more picture of the trunk when it was over 10 meters high 18 months ago. (At that time all leaves were off). Did it help?

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jfchui(NSW Aust)

Hello there, I had visited the place again and this is the best I can do to show the leaves.

I managed to pick up a small branch that I didn't place onto the bin and the branch has only a few dried leaves and I made a close-up. The picture is uploaded as "cut4days" please check the same link below.

The other 3 new pictures under the name "newBorn" are showing young leaves of a new shoot-out that I am almost certain it is from the same "bad" tree.

Here is a link that might be useful: morePictures

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