Black Cherry (Prunus seritona) hardiness

canadianplantApril 29, 2014

Just wondering if anyone here has grown black cherry in some cold zones. I picked a small one up from Humber nurseries and would like to make sure It will survive up here in zone 3/4.

Looks like its native range is just south of my city in minnesota. When I look at the USDA map it shows in in the same hardiness zone band as its native range.

Also wondering how well it does with competition and some shade eventually.

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beng(z6 western MD)

Pretty sure it'll be hardy there, if its lineage is of a northern source. They do well enough w/some competition & shade -- in fact they can compete w/canopy specialists like hemlock, sugar maple & tuliptree.

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I can only assume it was seed grown in Toronto. Not as far north as me, but more "northern" then getting it shipped from the states or shipped from BC.

Seeing as they are a pioneer species I wouldnt have thought that theyd be able to compete with such large over story trees. Especially tulip poplar.

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beng(z6 western MD)

Canadian, the major old-growth forest canopy trees in extreme western MD's Swallow Falls State park were hemlock, white pine, tuliptree and, surprise, black cherry. All were 100' + tall easily.

Below are some hemlocks there -- didn't catch a black cherry in this pic, but they were there & of similar size:

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to be honest, I was confused when some sources state that it can grow in partial shade yet it is also considered a pioneer species. I can't think of one that is. at least off the top of my head. they also grow just as tall as many canopy trees. the more I read into it the more interesting the tree is

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beng(z6 western MD)

The one on my lot has grown vigorously since this pic was taken about 9 yrs ago -- I'd guess half again as tall and more than twice the mass now:

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As a generalization, bl. cherry is more suited to beng's area than our Great Lakes. We've got em here but rarely impressive. Yes, there are exceptions. Back when I was just a wee forestry student, our prof. would take us on tree id. trips to a patch of woods which happened to contain a bl. cherry so large that normal id indicators were useless. That was a big one, but most, like the few scraggly ones on my land, are just never going to amount to much. We here in the W. Great Lakes are subject to considerably colder air than even places like W. Maryland.

I guess try it and see if I'm full of crap. But mostly, I see rather poor specimens in this part of the world. I'd agree too that bl. cherry is a late-succession species more so than an early colonizer.


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