will knockout roses come back after hard prune?

vivian_2010May 2, 2011

I have several red knockout and double knock out roses. They grew to ~ 2-3 feet last year and bloomed nicely. I hard prune them to ~ 1 feet tall, without too much thoughts. Now new growth start to appear. But will any damage be done due to the hard prune? Will they still grow to bloom in time? last year the bloom started in early June.



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I'm in zone 6b, so yours may not get as big as mine, but I bought one gallon plants in pots from Lowes three years ago. Last year they grew to five to five and a half feet tall. They looked like they were eating up my one story house, so dh cut them back one third to one half with hedge clippers in March. They have grown a foot already and are covered in buds with a dozens of blooms on each plant. I don 't think you need to worry.

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seil zone 6b MI

You did nothing wrong! You could use a hedge trimmer to cut them down (though I don't recommend that) and they'd still grow back strong. Pruning any rose encourages new growth so you'll be surprised how quickly they'll spring back up. Make sure you've cut out all dead canes, canes that point directly into the center of the rose (to open the center for good air flow to prevent disease) and any crossing or rubbing canes. If you cut off the spent flowers after they bloom you'll get a bigger rebloom the next round. And you can cut them down some during the season if they're getting too tall or out of shape. It won't hurt them!

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Thanks Lainey and Seil for your comments. Now I feel much better. New growth started to show up on all brunches now. So I am watching and praying. Now just heard that we may have frost tonight. So keep fingers crossed.


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seil zone 6b MI

Vivian, a light frost won't hurt them. Most roses can take temps down to about 28� before there is severe damage to new growth. If it's going to be a prolong freeze cover them with an old sheet at night to protect them.

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I have had my knockout roses pruned by the rabbits to the point that I didn't think they had a chance. They all came back strong and healthy. That is the advantage of own-root rose bushes.

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