Buckwheat 'Hay'

doowad(z6 MO)June 6, 2011

I've been meaning to dig in my green manure crop of buckwheat for a week or so now. I figured I had better take the tops off for the most part since I want to plant another crop of it right away. I was thinking of mowing it off, but that kind of saddened me since the buckwheat looked so happy there ;-)

So I was thinking in the middle of the night about the scythe that Grandpa had bequeathed to me (informally) upon his death. I thought about sharpening it, but I figured buckwheat would be easy to cut and sure enough, it worked. I now have my chicken wire "materials" bin half full of buckwheat hay. And in fact, when I dumped the "slop" buckets in the working pile today, I topped it off with big pile of buckwheat hay before putting some of the older compost on top. So no question here, just happy with my morning...

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merrygardens(z5 MI)

Yes! I know that happiness, and rejoice with you.

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doowad(z6 MO)

Oh, and turning over the dirt where I had the buckwheat was easier than easy (I still sweated like a pig in my Missouri morning) thanks to those deep deep roots.

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