Kubota T1760 blows fuse

mcathJuly 31, 2014

Kubota T1760 won't start as it blows fuse when turn switch. I know that the seat safety switch is bad but attempted to bypass this switch and it continues to blow fuse (10A). One electrical parts list states should be a 15 A fuse rather than 10A which has always been there (Bought tractor used several yrs ago). Any thoughts on what's causing the fuse to blow (for a while it was blowing fuses during mowing but continued to run and needed fuse replacement before next start). Now will blow fuse before starting or turning over at all. Thanks for any input.

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Your job has been made easier by the fact that you will blow the fuse instantly. If there isn't an obvious chafing of the harness somewhere, you can either do the test light trick or get a box of fuses and unhook components and when the fuse quits blowing- you've found your short. Headlight harnesses are notorious for shorts. Or unhook all the connectors and the one that pops the fuse when it is plugged in wins the prize!

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