Help! Almost Entirely Brown Cedar Tree!

vegankellisApril 19, 2014

There is a huge old-growth cedar tree in front of my house and over the past year it has gotten increasingly brown. Now the entire tree looks the same: orange-brown leaves for at least half of each branch. The ends are still green, and I can not see any abnormalities to the leaves themselves. I have two male cats, and this tree is THE favorite of every dog that walks by (lots)! Could this be the issue. I can see some dark spots at the base of the tree, and the browning may have started at the bottom. It's all over now though...any help? I will try fencing it off again, someone STOLE the fence last time!

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

A picture would likely help us understand the issues more clearly.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i also wonder about the ID.. since cedar is used .. as a common name.. for a wide range of conifers ...

and i also am wondering how an old growth forest tree.. ended up in what i PRESUME is suburbia ... with all those dogs around ...

need pix to start the discussion


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Ken, western red cedars, Thuja plicata, are extremely common trees all over western WA, even in very urban settings. Maybe not exactly "old growth" but large, mature trees nonetheless :-))

A photo would certainly help to confirm what is going on but WRC's are common for flagging or the browning of clumps of foliage. Typically it is most noticeable in fall but could certainly persist through winter. Or it may be something a bit more serious. Need pics!

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