how to remove engine pulley on Toro LX500

blrnarJuly 13, 2012

Could someone please explain how to remove the engine pulley on a Toro LX 500 Lawn Tractor. I have tried to remove the pulley with a 2 arm puller to no avail as the pulley will bend if I use this method. I want to slide the pulley down the shaft in order to remove the transmission drive belt.

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I feel your pain.
Unfortunately, pulley removal on these units is not an easy task and typically results in destruction of this pulley.
Fortunately there is an alternative that will allow you to keep the pulley.
The alternative consists of raising the engine assembly up enough for the pulley groove to rise ABOVE the frame and then work the old belt off the pulley and snake it back down through the pulley opening in the frame.
Then you work the new belt up through the hole and onto the pulley.
Then lower the engine back in place.
Been there, done that...........sounds worse than it is.
You will of course need to remove the exhaust header pipe bolts/nuts from the cylinder heads if you can't raise the muffler assembly along with the engine, so study your configuration carefully and if it looks like the pipes need to be loosened from the heads, be sure to have new exhaust flange gaskets ahead of time.
The only sure way I have found for removing the pulleys can only be done with the engine removed completely so I can assemble a 2 piece plate type T-bar puller behind the pulley.

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Thank you for the info, I jacked up the engine and was able to remove the belt. Once again thank you.

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I realize this is an old post old.

For those out there attempting this, I must CAUTION YOU.
Although this will work. It is not the preferred method. Too much work and it could result in damage to your exhaust and possibly a misalignment in the engine shaft pulley.

I recommend, and your best bet, remove the cover over the engine. This means flipping over the hood and removing the black housing/shroud surrounding the engine.

Near the starter there is a space (closest to the dashboard) about the size of a flathead screwdriver shaft. This space can be used for leverage. When pressed up against the flywheel it will allow you remove the bolt, from beneath, that holds the double pulley in place .

When disassembly is complete. I recommend fastening a tie to the old belt to make sure it will follow the correct path. Before doing so, you will need to remove a bolt with a spacer from the undercarriage.

Should take about 30-60 minutes for a novice

Good luck.

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I used to use mownie's way to get belts on these, but now I use MTD's liquid belt kit. Just feed the belt around the pulleys, cut to length and slide the sleeve over the two ends with the bonding agent premixed. Remember not to tow with it for at least three days though. Or they could just use the components of the 90's and they would actually come off when they were supposed to...

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