Spiny Witch-Hazel gall aphid on River Birch

limestonerApril 12, 2010

I have two HRB trees in my yard that were both affected by these little bugs two years ago. Last year, no problems but I am noticing a few leaves with the tell tale walnut shell ridges on them. I think I waited too long last time before I had it treated by an arborist and ended up with a bunch of dead branches on one of the trees. I only notice a couple of effected leaves now. Should I ride it out a little or have it treated right away. All the articles I have read online say it does not cause serious problems but looking for some input. The tree really seemed to be improving this year with a bunch of new growth and I do not want to go backwards again. Anyone have any experience or advice. Is there anyway I can treat it myself?

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Quick pro quo - best I can help you with.

"Bark Has Swollen Growths

Cause: Fungal or insect gall

Solution: Prune and destroy branches and growth, or gall.
Avoid injuring bark. Identify the disease or insect causing the growth and treat with a pesticide labled for it."

The ReaderÂs Digest Association Inc. Pleasantville, New York/Montreal; ÂThe Garden Problem SolverÂ; 1999; ISBN: 0762101407


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