Kubota Hydrolics Question

trouty(z5)July 20, 2008

Hi All -

I'm borrowing a friend's Kubota BX22 tractor. It has a back hoe and shovel controlled by hydrolics. The back hoe doesn't seem to be working and I think it may be due to low fluid levels. It won't move in any direction when I apply the levers.

For some convoluted reasons I don't have access to the owner's manual and my friend won't be of any help (medical issue). I've located the filler plug and I think I may have the correct fluid, but that's my question. I believe I need Automatic Transmission Fluid (the guy at the auto store gave me Dexron III - I don't have a tractor supply nearby but the one I called told me to get "universal automatic transmission hydrolic fluid").

So I guess I have two questions. First of all, does this sound like a low fluid level? And if so, is the Dexron III the right stuff?

Thank you - sorry to be so vague and I'm happy to supply more information about the problem if needed.


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shot(8 - GA)

I would call a Kubota dealer and ask. The local one is very helpful with such.


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like_my_yard(Central NC.)

DO NOT put auto trans fluid in it.

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Thanks for the replies. I'll call the dealer tomorrow. I was hoping to get it working today, but it's not a big deal.

By the way, it was the dealer who said to use the "universal automatic transmission hyrdolic fluid." I've never worked with this dealer before, but I understand that he's very good.

I'll post the info I get - I may look up a few dealers in my area to call for their input.

Thanks again.


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Volfandt(Z-7, E. TN.)

re fluid: The BX22 normally takes SUDT fluid which is generally only available at Kubota dealers. UDT will work and can be mixed w/SUDT. UDT is also a Kubota brand name but there are many equivalents available at auto part stores and more commonly at Tractor supply type stores. MAKE SURE the hydraulic fluid STATES that it is compatable to Kubota UDT. DO NOT put any other kind of fluid into the BX!
The dip stick is located beside the filler hole. It is in a hard to get position but not too hard. Check the fluid level with the FEL (front end loader) down, the 3PH (three point hitch) down as this will give a more accurate level indication.

re. the problem: Theres a couple quick checks to try before you add any fluid.
1) does the FEL work? If so is it very slow?
If yes to the above questions, check the 3ph lever which is on the right side of you when sitting in the seat. It should be in the middle position. If it is in either the up or down position it will rob hydraulic power to both the FEL & BH. All tractor hydraulics are in series with one another which means hydraulic power for each implement passes though all the other implement controls.

2)If the 3ph lever is in the middle position you need to check the BH (back hoe) connections which are located under the seat and to the rear. There are two connections, one is a male QD (quick connect) and the other is a female QD. They should be plugged into the BH's QD connectors. They cannot be mixed (tractor male to BH female etc). These connectors can sometimes give the appearance of being properly connected but not be. With the engine OFF, disconnect and then reconnect each one making sure you get a positive connection. If you try to disconnect these connectors with the engine running you WILL get blasted with very high pressure hydraulic fluid!

The BH is designed to be easily disconnected from the tractor and these are the only two hydraulic connectors needed to provide hydraulic power to the BH. When the BH is dismounted, the two connectors that remain on the tractor HAVE to be connected back to one another. Meaning they should be LOOPED back as the hydraulic power provided to the reast of the tractor has to pass through these connectors, whether they are connected to the BH or back to the tractor. It is possible that these connector are looped back to the tractor instead of being connected to the BH.

I guessing the problem is one of the above.

To get the best performance out of the BH, you need to run the engine near WOT (wide open throttle). The BX's are designed to be run that way. Trying to use any hydraulic implement at idle or just above idle will result in very slow and sluggish operation.
*NOTE* for you 1st couple tries at operating it may be wide to use a lower rpm setting until you get used to the operation. The BH CAN flip the tractor if your not carerful**

There are no safety switches to prevent the BH from operating once it's properly connected up and I've yet to hear of a full BH failure on any BX model.

IF the tractor will move via the HST, the 3ph will rise & lower and the FEL will work then I am not inclined to think that you have a low fluid condition as they all operate off of the same fluid and are LOOPED together on the same hydraulic circuit. It's possible but not likely.

For more detailed help you might try tractorbynet.com under the Kubota owning/operating section.
Good luck.

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