Solomon's Seal combo pics, pretty please!

funnthsun z7A - Southern VAJune 24, 2013

I've had variagated Solomon's Seal for many years and have had other plants in the general vicinity, but never "near" it, because of the rhizomes and the arch of the plant, have just never been able to figure out how to successfully combo it with another plant that close. If anyone has combos with this perennial, I would love to see how you did it!

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Here's a photo from 3 years ago. The Heuchera haven't thrived here, but that is probably due to their being a favorite of the voles rather than problems with the Solomon's seal. The small leaves are Veronica 'Georgia Blue', and it has continued to weave around the feet of the SS. Both the peony and the Siberian Iris have tough enough roots to keep the SS from taking over. There is a Cimicifuga/Actea behind the SS, but there is some space so that the Actea has room to spread. I had to dig it up once and didn't want to have to do that again as it also has tough roots.

I'll see if I can get a photo of this today.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Not sure this pic is exactly helpful to you, but I really enjoyed it last year.

Polygonatum x hybridum 'Striatum' with Palace Purple Heuchera and a few Japanese Parsley (Cryptotaenia japonica 'Atropurpurea').

I've got other Polys, but no pics. I tend to put my plants toward the back of the border or in areas they can roam at will, then put other plants in front of them that are more stationary in their habits, lol. I've also got some sweet woodruff growing near a patch of 'Variegatum'- I think growing something near polygonatum which can match their spreading vigor works well...

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Here's the same spot today; not too different. The voles are still eating the Heuchera, so they still look rather sorry. I think they need replanting in cages. Everything else is coexisting with the Solomon's seal quite well.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

I have the short variegated Sol. Seal and find it looks good with so many plants. I have it growing with Geranium phaeum, G.phaeum album, Mertensia virginica, Short's aster, Erythronium Pagoda, Bottlebrush grass, Heuchera villosa, etc. Both the Mertensia and Erythronium bloom early, before the Sol. Seal really gets going in the spring. The leaves of these first two wither away as the Sol. Seal gets to its full height. The aster has arched branches that curve over the Sol.Seal in Sept-Oct, in a pretty colour.

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In a dry neglected spot.

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