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lkbum_gwJuly 19, 2010

Sorry for the off topic post, but I think this board has more knowledgable posters. Not looking for a debate here, but what is the "best" weed eater for residential use. I've had a couple of Ryobi's over the years and they worked fine. Only replaced them when they literally started to fall apart. I bought a new one last season and now it is on the blink. I looked up problems with this model (SS30) and they appear to be carb related due to new emmission standards and require some minor machining to be able to get to the carb screws (so you can override the factory settings). I'm sick of screwing with these things. I want something that starts and works, period. Posts on this subject (on other boards), indicate that some of the commercial models (echo) do not have the adjustment limitations for emmission crap. Also saw some posts for 4 cycles (not too favoable either) and butane powered (favorable) to avoid this emmission crap. Thouhgts??

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I would say it depends on the size of your yard. If every where you want to use the weed eater is within 100 feet of an electrical outlet, I would suggest getting an electric. It will not matter when you turn it on it will start.

I had a 2 cycle leaf blower that last about two season before it died. I bought a 4 cycle leaf blower, and it takes one pull on the rope to get it started. The extra energy to carry the weight of the 4 cycle will be less than the energy expended to start the two cycle. Also you can start it around your children.

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Ryobi's are the least dependable unit going . Stihl , Echo , Husqvarna , Honda . All the Middle of the Road Homeowner Units usually require a little more owner related routine maintenance. Some have Welch Plug since the Jets settings are fixed (EPA)but tuning is possible by a knowledgeable user. It all depends on your usage requirements . If you are not mechanically inclined spend a little more and go with a commercial grade Honda /Stihl / Husky / Echo . From people that I have spoken too the Echo Line is the Cheapest and most reliable of the Homeowner Grade Units with very good dependability for the occasional user (few hrs weekly) . Honda & Stihl have the Best Selling 4-Cycle Units but are Priced accordingly .

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thanks for the replies, I use the thing about an hour a week. Electric is out, I cover about an acre overall around trees, a few edges etc. couple of follow ups, are Echo's truly different, not just re-labled ryobis, weedeaters etc. Why can you start a 4 cycle around children (vs two cycle?).

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Around when you start a 2 cycle.

Sorry but to quote an old comedian "the devil made me do it"

I have a tendency to say things that I should not, things mothers do not want their children to hear, when something like a motor does not work like it should.

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***"things mothers do not want their children to hear"***
Like the joke I posted last year with the preacher's used lawn mower that was hard to start.
Little boy told the preacher it would start if he gave it a "good cussing".
Preacher said "young man!!! I have forgotten how to cuss!!!"
Little boy says "Just keep pulling on that rope and it'll all come back to you."
Exactly what my Ryobi SS30 does for me. One of these days my trash man is gonna think he found something good when he sees that new looking Ryobi sticking out of my trash can.
I bet he brings it back the next week!

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Mownie , yeah did it again Bro , spewed the coffee over the keyboard ! Ikbum : From your comments seriously check out the Echo Line for the usage you have indicated you will not be disappointed . Echo is a completely independent manufacturer , no affiliation with Ryobi . You would love a 4-Cycle but I can't see the need for or justification of $$ for that level of Trimmer for your application .

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Thanks, thanks!!! Last question, are the Echo brands at Home Depot the real McCoy? The models are also confusing - they have a SRM 225 both 'consumer and professional' (see link. As far as strarting around kids, thanks I understand now. Some friends at work were discussing their new 'cardio' work out program. I said I had one also, 10 minutes of pulling the cord the first attempt on Sunday, then 10 more minutes after installing a new spark plug and fresh gas, then 10 more minutes after cleaning the carb. Each time it would fire for a second or two and then Blah and in retrospect I'm gald the kids were not around!

Here is a link that might be useful: link to HD echo

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I have a old Mcculloch 2 cycle curved 0.95 string trimmer ,it is 20 years old and beat the snot out of it.
Cost 39 bucks ,back then .But do like these 4 cycle jobbers , you need thad heavier line 0.95 last a bit longer.

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lkbum: The 21 cc 225 would be an excellent choice for your usage . The straight shaft offers better maneuverability around and under shrubs and low structures. Ensure to use the Echo Synthetic Oil . I believe this model carries a 3 yr commercial warranty and a residential 5 yr coverage . One of the Best Homeowner style units on the Market . Affordable Pricing and excellent dependability . I have a neighbour who has one that is over 5 yrs old and still has the same spark plug . The Echo Brand has excellent carburation , very little seasonal tuning req'd . Just ensure Stabil prior to storage and lucus top end cleaner / lube gas treatment during seasonal start up or its equivelent. When my 20 + yr Old Weed-Eaters finally die this is the unit I shall persue . Good luck and buy from the Dealer or Box Store since this units is covered nation wide . Some Box Store Models are shunned at some Dealers .

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thanks, I've always like the straight shafts also. I guess I'm off to HD before the weekend.
thanks again

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I've been using an Echo GT-225 for four years now. I only use it about once per week during summer, but when I do it is for about two hours straight (going through 3-4 sets of line and 1.5 tanks fuel). Still has the original plug and I have never had a problem starting it. It has plenty of power for the average homeowner (I use it to take down some 3- to 4-foot weeds occasionally), but can be throttled down for light work around chain-link fence, tender trees, etc. It is a bit big and heavy, but well-balanced. I can't complain about it. Got it at HD, think they are around $160 now.

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...echo the thoughts on echo...have a curved shaft one for 10+ years now....all I do is change the plug each year, filter every few years if dirty and fuel filter every few years...simple enough for a homeowner to do.

If you want something rechargable, check the B&D line. I have a hedgetrimmer that uses an 18V battery. I use it twice a year for an hour or so at a time. One battery is enough to finish the job.

On the other hand I have a small blower that uses the same 18V battery and it seams to last only 15 minutes or so; not sure why? I do see the make a string trimmer...might want to try that...can always take it back...

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i have a almost brand new weed eater that wont stay running any ideas on how 2 keep it running

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take it back.

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Well, if ya are having trouble getting yer weed-wackers to run, buy a goat! Goats will eat everything in the weed line, and smack their lips and look for more!
I must be extra lucky! I found two wackers, at different times, and they run good, but had some problems with the line end. Got new heads and now ok. Got a C-man as a gift. It had the straight shaft, but the end was messed up, so, having a C-man curved shaft in the junk pile--that fixed that wacker. Last year i found a straight shaft in the garbage. String head was missing. the lady of the house said they couldn't figger out how to make the spool stay on, so they junked it and bought a new one. It is a Toro, and runs great.

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