Magnolia Tree dying or dead?

cathygloverApril 8, 2008

I 'inherited' a young magnolia tree from the previous owners, and it did fine for two years, but is suddenly dying or dead. The very few leaves are all brown, the bark is greyish, and there is a large bare spot in the bark about a foot or two off the ground. I do not see pests, signs of disease, or any other damage other than the bare spot that does go all the way around the tree. Is there any chance this tree will come back? I hate to lose this tree, as it is my only tree.

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pinetree30(Sierra Westside)

"the bare spot that goes all the way around the tree" says it all. Your tree is girdled, lacking phloem tissue which carries carbohydrates made in the leaves into the roots. So your roots have died, and without them, the tree can't take up water.
Rest in peace.

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