Craftsman Mower 917.259573 dies when blades are engaged

RobLeeTXJuly 29, 2014

I Have a craftsman riding mower 917.259573 with a manual PTO engage lever. The mower starts and runs fine but dies when I engage the blades. The blades will start spinning before it dies and even if I quickly disengage the blades it does not recover.

I replaced the seat safety switch - no help. Check the deck pulleys and spun the blades ok. I removed the mower belt and engaged the PTO - engine continued to run. So I am thinking anything to do with the safety switch is ok.

there is a 30 Amp fuze in the wiring harness - but I am thinking if it was blown the engine would not even start.

Any ideas?

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Sounds like an engine power issue.
Check the carb/intake system for loose bolts/air leaks etc.

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Thanks Bill, After my first post I tried full power before engaging the blades as it was dying I disengaged the PTO and choked it to keep the engine running. Did this about 5 times and the engine stayed running with the blades engaged. I think it was a power issue as well due to the mower setting for several months while I was trying to fix another issue.

I think we can call this one solved!


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Probably stale gas.

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Twin cylinder one side not working Mabe a valve problem on one side if one is bad replace both heads use 20 50 racing oil or synthetic oil no more head problems change oil 8 to 10 hours engine wares out quickly with straight 30 they took anti ware stuff out know they just call it convenital oil

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one cylinder not firing? had that issue and replaced pushrods for a complete fix.

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