Tilling with a BCS 720

tillingutah(5)July 17, 2014

I just purchased a BSC 720 and I tried it out and it did ok but I wasn't very impressed with its tilling abilities so I looked at the tines and a couple were flopping around because of missing bolts, and about half of them were wore down to little stubs. After I installed a new set of tines I saw the true power of the BSC tiller. But now I am having another issue. I am used to a counter rotating Husqvarna tiller that would just slowly move forward as it digs down. This forward rotating tine BSC seems to grab in and and the tines propel the tiller forward extremely fast at times. I am having difficulty being able to till anything smoothly and evenly because of this. Am I doing something wrong or missing something? Any tips would be appreciated.

Also a couple other things I am wondering about is the shifting gears and putting it in reverse. The gear shifter is very stiff along with the reverse lever are very stiff and hard to move. Is that pretty normal or is there somewhere I can lube it up to make them move easier? I tried wd40 on the shifter but I just got caked with dirt after I tilled for a minute. Thanks for any comments.

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d/l, read manual.

Here is a link that might be useful: bcs 720 manual

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That's one of the best if not the best tiller there is, Hope you get everything working ok!

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How do you download it? I went in a signed up for the sisplay free trial but when i search for it, it only brings up books, movies, games etc.
I already looked on the BCS website but those downloads are not even legible.

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nevermind, I emailed the support at BCS and they sent me a very good copy of the PDF.

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Forward rotating tillers do tend to walk on the tines in hard or rocky ground. If you do a series of shallow cuts, you should be ok. They are better at tilling under debris.

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