John Deere 425 hard start

cfwetzlerJuly 8, 2012

Another JD 425 hard start issue.

Kawasaki FD620D V twin gas engine, 1460 hours, 1999 model serial numbber 71992.

Recently became hard to start, crank and crank, sputter and back fire. Initially suspected fuel pump and replaced - no change.

Engine is flooding, plugs are wet and won't fire.

Dealer suggested ignition control module, no change

Took carb off, cleaned, new float valve and fuel shut off module (tested bad), no change

Checked to see that choke closes completely - OK

Crank with no air cleaner and raw fuel is pulsing out of carb venturi - instant flood. Carb looks so simple (?)

Spark seems strong, checked with extra plug, both sides seem OK. If can start runs good and will start OK when warm, but not after sitting a while.

I am out of patience and ideas. Any suggestions before dragging to dealer?

Thanks for the help.

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Replace the time delay module. It's about $20 from your dealer

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the problem u are havening is in the carburetor, you will have to remove the float and needle the is a o ring above the white cover that holes the needle and float to you will have to remove it from the carburetor and replace it john Deere have that part i just repair my 425, you can get the hole unit it's around 15 bucks, and make sure that the fuel shut off valve on the bowel isn't stuck. hope this help, I've repaired a few mower with that problem.

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I finally got if fixed. The fuel shut off module in the bottom of the carb tested bad and was allowing fuel to leak into the manifold. I replaced the needle valve under the float and once correctly adjusted all is fine. Due to lack of rain it has been sitting for about 2 weeks and last night I thought I'd see how it started and was fine. It fired right up, ran fine at full throtle.

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JD 425 won't start Cranks over , has gas, new igniter, the spark appears weak, Any suggestions?

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Your question will get more attention if you start a new thread rather than resurrect a 2 year old one.

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