Battery charger repair

hanickJuly 20, 2013

I have a Schumacher 1275A-PE 2/12/75amp charger that I just spent $30 on a circuit board that is still broke (feel like an idiot) and I am wondering if you would help me.
Plugged in lights up quiet hum on 2amp 8.6v output, 12amp 10.8 v outputand loud hum on engine start 13.6v output. Take off rectifier leads after 10min transformer very warm. Transformer output 30v ac on leads to rectifier, 15v on either one to the center. Diodes tested seperately to the plate, infinity one way reads 440-475 the other. arectifier plate reads 13.2v. Could the SCR be bad and how do you test it? Circuit breaker is fine. Meter always reads 100%. On light is on. Full charge light is on when I hit engine start.

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Unless you're qualified to do board level diagnosis and repair I'd consider a $70 battery charger disposable rather than chance that a $30 part would fix it.

Electronics are a PITA to fix in this surface mount and IC day and age. Stuff is designed to be cheap to manufacture and that usually means don't try to fix it unless you find a bad connection or blown fuse.

Did you contact Schumacher to see if they would warranty the charger?

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