Mandrel Grease interval

exmarJuly 31, 2014

Hi Folks,

Have a Craftsman 917.986450, 26 HP Kohler, Hydro, 54" deck. It has zerks for the blades, no info in manual on "interval" for grease. Just shows the location.

I'm assuming just give them a "shot or two" when I grease the front end? First mower I've had with fittings there.

Thanks for your time,


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took a look and saw what you mean about the documentation - a bit sparse. Yeah, mebbe 3-5 shots the first time around and then mebbe 2-3 shots each time you lube the front end thereafter should keep the bearings from going dry/hot... but, yer call.

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Ev, I think that your machine is the Sears version of the Husqvarna LGT2654. So I checked the manual for my LGT2654, and all it says is to lubricate zerks every 25 hours. I use a pistol-type grease gun and hit mine with 4-5 shots each time; been doing it that way for about 6 years now, and all is okay.

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I have a 2005 Husqvarna GTH2754.

I have always greased the steering and deck spindles using Lucas Red N Tacky. The spindles get 8 to 10 shots each every two to three weeks (about 25 to 30 hours of run time).

9 years I have yet to replace a single spindle or feel any play in them.

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Thanks for all the responses!!

Javert, interesting info on the Husqvarna, I stopped by the local Husqvarna dealer and when I said "GT" he immediately was talking about a ....$4,000+ machine and the bagger was $849, over $5,000 and he couldn't get one for at least three months. I don't remember the model number. I paid a lot less than that. I'm sure the "sears" version may have sacrificed some things to get to the $3100 price point, including bagger. However, it's running strong and the bagger works well. Time will tell.

again, thanks for the responses,


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Ev, the LGT2654 is NOT a garden tractor. It has a K46 hydro, so that tells you that it ain't ground-engaging rated. However, it is a big heavy machine, and has been trouble-free - but I take care of it. I pull a garden cart, seldom over 100 pounds, and also tow a plug aerator. Other than that, it's just a mowing machine. I'm pretty sure your Craftsman is an updated version of the Husq LGT2654. Semper Fi.

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Javert, the trans says HydroGear, G7-BCBB-1XDCC-1FCA. I think that Husqvarna made it, but seems to be a different machine. By the old rules, the axles are at least one inch which indicates a GT.

To further complexicate things, it's called a "Garden Riding Mower" and it's the only one of the Craftsman Pro series listed as Ground Engagement.



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Yeah, Ev, the 917 prefix to the model number shows that it is a Husqvarna product. 917 was once Roper, then AYP, then Electrolux, and now Husqvarna - all the same company, just changed ownership. My FIL's older Craftsman GT5000 is also of 917 manufacture and has a Hydro Gear transmission - has been a great machine.

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I have my original GT 5000, 917.275972 with the six speed trans, I think that's a Peerless? Still going strong. I got the new one as I thought the hydro and step through chassis would be easier on the old body. It sort of is, though if you're mowing sidehills and up and down, forget the cruise control. Also the seat, even all the way back is cramped for a six footer. It seems that I'll be able to do the mowing faster due to the hydro and speeding up where the grass is thin, etc.

The bagger is very nice and the garden is going to love the clippings. Decided to stop getting the aged horse manure every spring, just put on clippings, cut out the middle "horse." :-)

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The big difference between the LGT or GTH (GT= Garden Tractor) and the YTH or YGT (Yard Tractor) are the trans axles used.

The Y's are basically built for mowing and light yard work. The tire/rims are attached to the axle using a key and clip setup.

The G's are built using stronger and beefier trans axles. These are made to handle more work such as heavier towing (plows, larger aerators etc). The tires are mounted on rims that use lug nuts to hold them to the hub much like a car.

Most of the time you will find cast iron axles, bigger (hp), better quality engines and frames on the G models.

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