Could this Possibly Be Brandy?

martinca_gwMay 17, 2014

It was supposed to be, but has only slight fragrance, and I see none of the dusky bronze as yet. Only had for three days. Pretty, anyway.

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The flower looks right, but the dead give aways are:

Dark green old foliage, often rusted.

Bronze new foliage, usually mildewed.

If those fit, then I'd say chances are very good it's Brandy. Kim

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It also has the ruffles that Brandy gets, I was crazy to have this rose for ages then it lasted in my garden 2 years before I got rid of it

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I bought a second Brandy last year because I loved my first one so. I have just had my first bouts with rust and mildew this year. BUT, , both my first and second Brandy (also my adored Pristine) haven't had a touch of either. My second Brandy is very close to my 'Typhoid Mary' named Francis Meilland. I am of course, in a less rusty and mildew prevalent area.


The color and the thickness of the petals look right. I think it probably is Brandy. But about the fragrance, neither of mine have much of a fragrance...Of course my second one is sitting very near Firefighter, and that one is such a beaut for fragrance. Maybe by comparison, she has no smell.

I love this rose. It lasts forever both on the bush and in a vase. I hope you love her as much as I do.


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Thank you all for the i.d. probability, along with the good and the bad descriptions. HMF did mention bs, but not rust. I promised my husband no more ugly bushes, so perhaps this one should not go into the garden, but be potted up around the corner? Also, don't want it giving diseases to others....which is likely?...or not ? andreark, I hope so too!! I'm a fool for apricot roses, and wanted this one for awhile.
Thank you all.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

That looks like 'Marilyn Monroe'. The way to ID Marilyn is by the prickles, which are plentiful and nasty. The color could be off because of last week's dreadful heat wave.

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Yes! It really does look most like HMF photos of MM. There are thorns, but at present size of bush, I'm not sure if they 'll be the mm deadly kind. We'll see, but guessing you nailed it, hoovb.

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