GMO Straw?

doowad(z6 MO)June 3, 2012

I am not 100% opposed to GMO, but I am wary of it when I can. I was wondering how easy it would be to make sure that the straw you buy is not from GMO wheat. And if it is, do you think it makes a difference? As always, some wheat inevitably sprouts, but it won't cross breed with my tomatoes and I do pull up any thing that sprouts.

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GMO (Roundup Ready) wheat is not approved nor grown in Canada. I don't think it has been approved in the U.S. either. I don't think any of the cereal grains are GMO (yet).


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Lloyd obviously knows more than me on this already. I was going to say you'd have to ask your straw vendor where he gets the straw. But if there's really no GMO wheat in the US anyway, moot point.

Would it make a difference in the garden? No. It would be a real stretch.

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

I agree with tox, once it was composted would it matter if it was genetically modified? At least I think that is what you mean.

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