Fish Fertilizier and Vitamin B-1

katefisher(Z7_NorthernCA)May 4, 2008

Today my husband and I picked up some goodies from Home Depot. One is Alaska Fish Fertilizer and the other Western States Vitamin B-1.

I am wondering if folks here use the Fish Fertilizer? I would prefer to use it as a drench but I read the Lilly Miller page which talked about spraying it on.

I want to use the Vitamin B-1 for some of the roses and other plants I have recently transplanted. My question there is can I use fish emulsion and B-1 on the same plant in the same day without totally over doing it?

I've never used either one of these products before so I'm kind of flying blind.

Thank you.


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decobug(z6a Idaho SW)

Spraying fish juice on the leaves is similar to getting a shot of novacaine for a toothache. It gets to where it needs to go RIGHT AWAY.

A soil drench makes the rose wait until the stuff gets down to the roots and the roots drink it up and then send it all the way throughout the plant to the leaves... it would be like taking a pill for the toothache...

Both do the same thing, but one is much quicker... (and you get the full effect without any of it being lost along the way)

Taking a pain pill and a vitamin at the same time has no effect on each other... same with the Fish stuff and the B1... go for it... the plants will be very perky :)

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carla17(Z7 NC)

I think more people use fish fert. as foliar than ground soak. I never did spray mine but have started. Feed and spray, best of two worlds.
I wonder if the vitamin is like Superthrive, which is supposed to be like a vitamin shot for roses.


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diane_nj 6b/7a

Problem with fish emulsions is the oil. Can cause leaf burn. I won't use fish emulsion in a foliar spray. Drench, yes. Liquid seaweed is my choice for foliar application.

I only use B1 for new starts, so I can't help there.

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Kate, as you know, we discussed that we don't fertilize newly transplanted roses until after we see new growth (10-14 days), which is the sign that the feeder roots are growing. That's the time to apply fish emulsion solution, extra dilute (50% of the labeled dilution), right over the top of the plant. Rose leaves can absorb nutrients, but the organ of the rose that is evolved and designed to do that job is the roots. The roots have the equipment to absorb nutrients in the most efficient manner. In another month, do another 50% dilution application. Roses love fish emulsion. Don't get it on your shoes! You'll have to toss them.

Since it's early in the season, you don't have to worry about the fish oil damaging the leaves up in Quincy within the next two weeks. It doesn't smell good, but the odor goes away soon. Brands of seaweed and fish emulsion are generally regional. The Alaskan product is a good product. As for B-1...never used it. I read a study somewhere that it didn't do a thing under controlled study conditions, so I save my money.

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Thanks folks!

I see you all are a bit varied in your opinions but all gives me great food for thought.

I'll experiment a little bit probably being prudent by beginning with the very diluted fish emulsion as a drench. I admit I would rather underfeed than burn and hurt my roses. I am all too aware of how much damage I can do in one day with my over enthusiasm:)

I have been moving around some other perennials and two young trees so perhaps I will save the B-1 for that. I aim to try rooting some cuttings this summer also and understand that folks use the B-1 for that purpose.

Appreciate everyone's time.


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Hi Kate,
Fish emulsion is beneficial as a soil drench and vitamin B1 has no effect on the roses. Repeated research by many universities and extension services on a wide variety of plants (not just roses) could not confirm B1 having any effect either way. In fact plants manufacture their own substantial supply of B1.....generally more than they even need. So drench the soil with the fish and leave the B1 vitamins for the humans.

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Thank you Michael.

Well I'm glad the B-1 was practically free. It was really inexpensive. I might try it for its intended purpose anyway. Is it useful as a rooting compound?

I will definitely use the Fish Fertilizer however. Going to start applying this weekend.

Appreciate your input.


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Diane NJ Is right the liquid seaweed is for the leaves. the fish fertilizer goes really good with rosetone in the alfalfa tea.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Mine is actually Neptune's Harvest so I would have to check bottle to see ratio of fish emulsion. I think NH is safe for foliar.


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Thank you Sam and Carla.


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When you guys/gals foliar feed with fish emulsion, are you mixing per the label instructions or half strength?

My bottle of fish emulsions only says to mix 1 TBSP per gallon of water and to apply weekly. It doesn't specify whether that is foliar feeding rate or soil drench rate. I'm assuming its for a soil drench.

For foliar feeding, will mixing full strength (1TBSP/Gal) burn my roses?

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