new to roses- companion planting

meganerd82May 2, 2013

Hi All! I am new here and new to gardening in general. I purchased my home last summer and it has 6 rose bushes along the front and nothing else planted with them. As you can see (hopefully if my upload is successful) they look rather barren without any companions. The big bush that you see in the middle of the photo is actually planted in the middle of the yard and it is a crepe myrtle. I would like something evergreen to begin with and plan to add more interest in the future. I've heard holly is a nice evergreen. I like azaleas but I think there is too much sun (house faces the east.) Any ideas would be appreciated :)

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Hollies are nice especially when in bloom (they smell wonderful). However, mine try to over take the entire area. I find babies popping up all over the place & I am constantly pulling them. They are easily babies! They are very fun to shape. :-)

I am not sure of your zone but here in a 7, azaleas do very well in full sun. I don't think you would have any ploblems but I am not sure of your zone.

Have fun, that is a nice pallet to work with!

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seil zone 6b MI

An eastern face would only get morning sun and shouldn't be any problem for azaleas. Do you know what kind of roses you have?

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I do not know what kind of roses they are. I know that they are not knock-out roses. My guess is that they are hybrid tea's. They look old. They must bloom twice a year, because they bloomed last October. And one of them was light pink and had a sweet citrus fragrance!

Thanks for the tips. I will be shopping this weekend for shrubs and I hope to find something nice.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Whatever you choose, also add Geranium 'Rozanne', the perfect rose companion. Blooms for months and months and months. Hardy.

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hoovb- Thanks! those blooms are beautiful!

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If you want something low-growing and not in competition to the roses, try gerbera daisies or chrysanthemum or perhaps marigolds and zinnias. The marigolds are supposed to be annuals, but they do reseed and come back every year.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Your thought about evergreens helping with the winter bleakness was a good one, but I think you should choose shrubs that stay small and don't start an argument with the roses. You can then fill in with Rozanne or whatever. A couple of ideas for dwarf flowering evergreens would be rosemary (prefers neutral soil) and heather (prefers acid soil). OK for zone 7.

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Hoovb, those geraniums are beautiful! (And the roses too!)

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