lawn tractor problem. Soot everywhere!

rosieq(6 Southeast PA)July 17, 2010

Just got done mowing the lawn with our lawn tractor, a Sears LT 1000. The tractor and my right leg are all sooty. What happened?

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Sounds like the engine is running too rich.

If your tractor has a manual choke you may have left it on.

best of luck.

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Must not be using that new clean burning coal... One's choice is it is a belt rubbing and shooting off rubber dust or hecka amount of emissions. What do you see? Engine model/type and 917xxxxxx from below the seat?

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Check the choke/throttle cable. It may have come loose from a clamp that holds it in the correct position, allowing the choke to be partielly closed--causing the condition that you describe!

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when is the last time the engine air cleaner has been cleaned/checked ?

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