Briggs & Stratton, intek 20hp

lwhelessJuly 14, 2013

My mower quit on me yesterday... There was gas dripping off a fuel line and I thought the line was leaking.. Replaced line, then found cylinders fuel of gasoline. It just poured out when I pulled a plug. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be and how to fix it??

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Carburetor needle & seat assembly is leaking through.
Likely a speck of debris is keeping the needle from fully sealing off the fuel flow to the carb.
The float acts very similar to the float in your toilet tank. If it leaks through, "fluid" keeps running.

Posting the Model & Type numbers of the engine is helpful.
Also, using those, go to the Briggs website and download the correct IPL for your engine.
it'll have an exploded view of the carb.

Saying Briggs Intek is akin to saying Chevy sedan. Which one?

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When you get float problem fixed, suggest you install an inline fuel shut off and use it when the engine is not running.

Walt Conner

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The model and type are: 407777-0171.
But I could not find this model number on the site...

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Did you plug in the COMPLETE Type#?
The number you posted is short a

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