Oak Tree Dying!!

thetruedarkoneApril 28, 2012

Ok, so a family friend has a nice back yard with a few big tree's providing a lot of shade in her backyard; however, they lost one of the trees last year and are afraid of losing the rest. Why you ask? There seems to be something weird happening to the bark on the tree trunks, and possibly near the top of the trees, but they are too tall to check.

I believe they are OAK trees


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Right click and copy the html image code to the right of your photo then paste it into a reply here.
When you hit "preview" you will see your photo- if you can't see it neither can we.
Doing this helps folks see what you are talking about without them leaving this site, opening new tabs etc.
You are just making it easier for people to help you- sometimes a moment is all they have and a picture is worth 1000 words.

Also, please include some sort of clue as to where in the world this tree is located- trees in Florida have different issues than trees in Wisconsin :)

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It's a species of oak in the white oak group....naturally flaking bark is a characteristic shared by many in that group. In this particular instance, a raccoon or other climbing animal dislodged some pieces before the underlying bark weathered to gray.

As for the leaf damage....it looks like insect damage which is also common on oaks in spring but can vary from year to year in severity. What you have looks like minor to moderate.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

is there a false dark one???


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@Smivies Thanks!!

CearbHill: These tree's are located in Fort Worth, TX in a older neighborhood, many neighbors have cut their trees due to their age/grandkids moving in and not wanting to deal with them.

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On returning to Florida from a summer in Upstate N.Y. I found our tall oak tree in the front yard had brown leaves. All the other trees are green with not a bit of fall color . Can anyone tell me why a very tall oak would suddenly look like it is dying?

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The tree looks like a Post oak (Q. stellata) to me. Some of the damage looks like it's from hail. Other than that, whole tree pictures would be helpful. Post oaks are sensitive to human activity too which can lead to their downfall.

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Contact your extension agent make sure it's not oak wilt. Oak wilt is a very common problem here in Texas. Oak wilt will have a smell at the site. Not saying that is what your case is. Just make sure it's not.

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