Correct Mix of Chicken manure and Horse Stall Cleanout??

foodeefish(z8SC)June 8, 2014

I have access to the cleanout of a friends horse stall which looks like mostly hay/straw bedding with a very little bit of wood shavings and some horse Urine and horse manure. My new Neighbor is a chicken Farmer and I can get all the chicken manure I would like from him.

My question is seeing that Chicken Manure is so High in Nitrogen and the Horse stall cleanout has limited nitrogen, but a lot of Browns ( the Hay and Shavings), if I add the two together will the Greens and browns balance make sense?

If this makes sense how much chicken manure should be added tot the Horse Stall cleanout?


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Try playing with this.


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As a general rule of thumb the mix of manure to vegetative waste (the straw/hay, wood chips, or what ever) should be around 1 part manure to 3 parts vegetative waste. I have used that formula with very good results for many years.

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The real questions and answers depend on how much compost you want,how much of each material you can get and how much work to you want to do in making compost.
With an abundance of space and need for compost,I would layer it as I got it ( 6" to 1' of stall clean out and 1" to 3" chicken manure) keep it damp, turn when/if I felt like it then sit back waiting for the bounty. Two questions come to mind. Does the horseman muck biskits daily between stall clean outs ,and does the chicken keeper put down wood shavings,saw dust or anything? We should all be lucky as you.

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