Scag 61' Turf Tiger wont start.

submowinerJuly 21, 2009

I have a 61" Turf Tiger with the 27hp Kawasaki engine. I was mowing and turned it off when a friend stopped by. They left within about 15 minutes, and when I tried to restart, there was nothing. Typically when the key is turned to Âon I can hear the fuel pump turn on, but there was nothing. During my trouble shooting it would sporadically turn on (when the key was ÂonÂ), but stops immediately when the key is moved to ÂstartÂ

*Battery voltage is in excess of 12.5 volts.

*I checked the operation of all the safety switches for short / open functionality (left and right control, park brake, and seat).

*Voltage to fuel pump seems to range between 7.5 and 9.5 volts with the key Âon and the fuel pump Disconnected. The readings always started .5 to 1 volt below the the final reading (capacitor?)

*Voltage to the fuel pump is about 4.5 volts with the key Âon and the fuel pump Connected.

*Replaced key switch

Any ideas as to the cause?

Some background information that may or may not be relevant:

8 weeks ago I had the misfortune of sliding sideways into my pond. (I would recommend against trying this yourself) The mower was nearly completely submerged, no water was ingested. The safety switches were cleaned, the starting relay was replaced, the starter was rebuilt, hydraulic oil replaced, and the fuel tank drained of water. There was no evidence of water in the engine oil. It has operated without incident since. There is a black box filled with epoxy that I think is used with the safety switches, and a box on the side of the engine that I think is the engine control chip. Both seem to be impervious to water.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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shot in the dark - when mower went in the drink, ignition sw got doused good - now starting to corrode inside causing intermittant power delivery to fuel pump, etc. as you described ?

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That was the first thing I thought of too... well after I got past the 'what now?'. I bought a new ignition switch last night. When it didn't work, I figured I needed some help. Thanks!

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well, being that whole machine got soaked, I'd chk every connection where corrosion could happen.

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Call MOM(Scag)920-387-3150 and ask for R&D.They may be able to help.

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I suspect the battery cables are corroded. A drastic voltage drop indicates to me that the current can't get through. (Assuming your battery has lots of current capability.) Sometimes corroded battery connections don't look corroded. Also did the battery go in the pond? If so the electrolyte may have been contaminated, overfilled, and the battery ruined. A bad battery can, under certain conditions, show a good voltage but have no current capacity to back it up. Clean your cables and battery terminals to shiny metal, check the electrolyte levels, then charge the battery with a good correctly sized charger. A quick test would be to jump start it. (Before anyone jumps in here and says....Oh no don't jump start it you'll burn something out like your voltage regulator, starter, or any number of other things. That's just pure fiction. You can jump start your mower from a B-52 as long as you hook the cables up properly to 12 volts DC. Actually a B-52 might have a higher voltage than 12....

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There are two 20 amp blade fuses located on the wiring harness near the ignition switch. One of them is for the carb. fuel shut-off solenoid.

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***"There are two 20 amp blade fuses located on the wiring harness near the ignition switch. One of them is for the carb. fuel shut-off solenoid."***
If this is an EFI Kaw, disregard the reference to carb & fuel solenoid. The comment about "hear the fuel pump" made me think this engine might be EFI.
If this is an "Electronic Fuel Injection" Kaw, you may have sustained water damage to the Electronic Control Module (ECM or ECU). I don't know how Kaw has the ECM configured on this application, but some vehicles with engine management computers are arranged so the ECM can inhibit the operation of the cranking motor (starter) if it decides that enabling the starter is not safe. This also means (on those vehicles) that a defective ECM will keep the starter from engaging. Not saying it's your issue, but no reason to overlook that possibility either.
You might be wise to call SCAG and discuss this with them. If the Kaw ECM is not configured to exert control over the starter, then you will just need to keep looking at the conventional stuff (grounds and harness connectors, etc.)

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mickhippy(QLD Aust)

Try the guys over at

Many Scag operators over there!

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