Want to transplant... but it's hot

carrie630(z7bNC)June 20, 2007

I don't usually like to do any transplanting when the temps are so hot but I need to move a few clumps of solidago goldenrod. Does anyone know if they transplant well? I would do the usually watering, possibly even covering with large boxes (with air holes), use transplanting liquid for roots - or am I taking too big of a chance? Thanks -


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I would do it very late in the evening so that they would have overnight to recover and cover if the sun is way too hot the next day. Everything might wilt but I think would recover soon.

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I am tempted to do it - and I think if I dig a really big root ball with dirt it may not feel the stress also. I've transplanted in the summer, but hadn't done solidagos. Thanks for the encouragement -


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I've had success cutting things way back when I transplant in the heat. I think it gives the roots less to recover. I've found things to be more resilient that we expect, but I haven't ever planted solidago.

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I think I will wait because we are getting a sprinkler system and I have no idea what plants I have to dig out so they can incorporate some heads in the borders. I have mixed feelings about this ordeal because I am loving how the gardens look now and I will have to dig up stuff - but it will be wonderful not to have to water at 6 in the morning.


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Heres what you do. Water very well - like a good inch of water for 2 days prior to transplant. Move them in a cooler part of the day and take a big root ball. I've just moved shasta daisies, lavender, and lilies getting ready to bloom - doesn't bother them in the least. There are some things that have a harder time getting established - like heuchera. Moved some of that a couple weeks ago and I planted it up very high - out of the ground with only the roots down in, and water it every few days. Its throwing out new leaves so I know its getting established.

The goldenrod is a pretty tough plant, but the bigger your root ball the better chance of continuing thru the bloom cycle without disruption.

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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)

If you have to do it, you have to do it. Just give the transplants some TLC and they'll be fine. May sulk a little initially, but they'll be fine.

Covering with a box is a good idea (I normally leave the top of the box open, though, so the plants still get some light), or you could use old rose cones (again, tops cut off) or lawn chairs or ligthweight shade cloth - use whatever you have lying around, it's only a temporary measure. Make sure to water well, but don't over-water.

I'm usually more concerned about myself working out in the hot sun and heat than I am about the plants :p

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I have taken so many chances transplanting in the heat of the summer, but I had never done the solidagos and I am so glad to hear that they are tough. I always transplant with the biggest rootball I can get - I don't think I would actually even transplant anything unless I could dig deep enough to attain that. Can't wait to try this - Thanks, again


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Update: Transplanted my solidagos in 90 degree temps, watered well, no cover and they didn't flinch. They sure are tough. Carrie

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alicate(SW Michigan, zone 5)

I just did it a few nights ago towards the evening. I then ran the sprinkler on low over the area all night. The plants don't even know they were moved, although I will say I water them everyday in this heat :)

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