Huskee mower belt issue

gwhunterJuly 12, 2013

I have a Huskee riding mower sold by tsc. MTD model13bs608h131. The main pulley fell of and broke the drive belt. I put every thing back together and put a new belt on however, the 2nd drive belt that is up under the seat that turns the pulley to the axle keeps popping off when ever I push down on the petal. I thought the belt tension spring might be bad so I bought new one and a new belt. It just made it worse. Any suggestions?

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I know nothing about that particular mower. I would look for a bad bearing or loose mount on an idler or tensioner pulley for that belt.

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Ditto on inspecting for loose or worn pivot bushings on idlers which can let the idler pulley "drop" below the belt operating orbital path.
Also, the MTD vari drive belt system pretty much REQUIRES that BOTH drive belts (upper and lower) be replaced at the same time.
This is even more important when a belt fails due to age/wear.
If your lower belt died a violent death by getting broken as you described, the sudden snapping of the belt may possibly have bent an idler arm bracket, causing an "out of alignment" defect similar to a loose or worn bushing.

Does the tractor attempt to move at all when you press the drive pedal? or is all that happens is the belt gets tossed?
If you do not notice any movement of the tractor when you push the drive pedal, you need to try to turn the large input pulley that goes into the hand.
If that pulley will not turn by hand, check to make certain the parking brake is not sticking (caliper assembly on right hand side of transaxle).
I have doubts about your finding anything amiss in the parking brake (or a locked up transaxle) but you may have to eliminate that as a possibility if you can't find another reason.

The last thing I can think of that could be happening might be that the vari pulley itself might not be free to move and so does not change the apparent pulley diameter when you press the drive pedal.

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With the old belt on I was able to drive it some time but since I put the new belt on it pops of right away doesn't even move.

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Well, I'm having some difficulty following your explanations.
In your opening post you say the "the main pulley fell off and broke the belt". BROKE the belt? as in "it is no longer a loop shaped thing" but instead now looks like a piece of rope??
And now you mention "with the old belt on I was able to drive it some time".
Where is the main pulley that fell off?
Which belt got broken (the LONG one or the SHORT one)?

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